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Realtors...automate your inspection responses!

Ever wonder if there was a better way to write your dreadful inspection responses?

Ever get tired of referencing page 42, picture 2B, like nine times on a response?

Ever get tired of sifting through 57 pages of nonsense to find that one issue you want to ask for on your response?

Well...we have a solution you should not disregard!

Just click the select button at the right...

Our inspectors are trained to mark items that buyers might ask for. You don't have to sort or read through serial numbers of the water heater and air conditioner in order to get to the meat and potatoes. The summary report contains key items we mark as potentially needing attention. Just select the box for each of these items you want on your response, select publish and have created an inspection response addendum. It's as easy as a few clicks and your inspection response is written.


Once you get a taste of this'll never be satisfied with anything else.


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