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Structure and Foundation

When buying a new house, a home inspection is standard practice. During these evaluations, the home inspector is usually able to identify potential foundation problems. For home buyers, a foundation inspection report by a licensed home inspector provides valuable information about the investment.

The Difference Between a Home Inspection and a Foundation Inspection

The goal of a foundation inspection is to determine if the underlying base of your home is structurally sound. A licensed inspector looks at these factors:

  • Is the foundation performing its intended function?

  • Is the foundation showing signs of movement or sever settleent?

  • Are foundation repairs or modifications needed?

What Does a Foundation Inspection Report Include?

Foundation inspection reports vary from state to state, but most include at least the following:

Interior Examination

Using internal contour lines, the inspector verifies elevation levels throughout the home are consistent. In addition, the inspector will also:

  • Isolate internal cracks and determine their threat levels

  • Examine support beams and load-bearing devices

  • Test how snugly doors, windows, and vents fit

  • Assess the integrity of concrete walls and floors within the foundation

  • Look for water damage, mold, and improper ventilation

Exterior Examination

During the external evaluation, your foundation inspector will look at:

  • Water drainage, landscaping, and irrigation

  • Cracks and fissures on exterior walls

  • Crumbling concrete or degraded building materials

  • Buckling walls, exterior bulges, or irregular slopes

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