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He's a home inspector, not a foundation expert.

Although we're not experts...we sure are close.

Let's be honest folks, many repairs are plain as day and common sense. The level of degree they will take to fix them is often a bigger difference. Foundations are no difference. Knowing the difference between a crack that should be considered "typical" settlement and knowing what to look for elsewhere to say it is not...takes time and experience. You can't learn this stuff in a book.

Now when we see this, it's quite obvious there's something to address. Yes folks, this was an actual picture from an actual inspection. There were two side by side alike holding a good portion of this floor joist up due to cracking. Not one, but two? How do you even find two matching car jacks in a pinch?

But in all seriousness, not all foundation or flooring system issues are a huge deal. Some can be a simple post pier to installation for just a few hundred bucks, but some can get quite salty. So, when we see these types of issues we don't freak people out but we will certainly refer to a contractor.

Being a home inspector is always this fine balance of stating facts and keeping buyers off a ledge. Our intention is to never push people over the edge, because we understand it's a highly emotional process. But, our fiduciary duty is to our clients and protecting their investments. So, we will be honest but a gently honest.

So in all actuality, are we experts? No. Is there such a thing? Potentially.

We rely on experience first and foremost. Some inspectors were CPA's just a few months ago so we're not all created equal. Make sure you interview your potential inspector or at least the person that manages the team and make sure it's not a new career for them. Due diligence is key in this industry for sure.

Happy home hunting folks.

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